I was starting as a sound tech 1975 in Umea Sweden for our own band and
was slowly putting up more and more gears for us and some others that was in need for PA system. When I moved down to Stockholm 1978 , I join up with a another PA company (TTRS) and start touring with lots of bands. I think it was more "funny" around touring in this days,because we was often just two in the crew and you have to be Soundtech (PA /monitor), Lightdesigner,Lightrigger, backline tech and tourmanager.(and always humper and runnerboy for the bands). In 1980 I run into Bertil Grip (a lightguy and a hell of a driver!) and we starting up SSR Stockholm Sound Rental with a CerwinVega(!) PA system , a lightrigg and a bus, and I was starting up more and more as a Ld and lightoperator.
And after touring around to about 1987 we was getting in to more fashion shows,industrial trade shows and was more and more leaving "the life on the road",beacause we had children that was growing up and needed some fathers (not just postcards from somewhere!)
So to put up a straight light rental company that was more in our direction with just supplying tours and events with lighting gear & we change name of the company to: SSR Stagelight Rental. In 1993 I running into a guy (Per Eriksson) who have a company called Starlight AB< , (We all been seen this guy with a "enormous disco"touring around) and we come into a "light" partnership. Since he had PA system (Meyer) I was selling out all my PA stuff.
Working together since then, I maybe slowly can retire (???) from hard work to spend more time to design and relationship with our clients.
My younger brother Michael was into photo and lighting (with his own company Ljuset AB) and he changed name to SSR Stagelight Umea AB, and suddenly we have a position in the north of Sweden.Now I am working for Beacon Gobo Group

One thing I have is my Gobo Factory GoboImage Stockholm that is a service for our customers.The heart of gobos is still in Umea Beacon AB where Michael is the main man!

Now I am working with
videoediting and design for events,tv and things like that, html digging" and running the Tremolo site and BackstageWorld (beacause I am a Macfreak) and running of course SSR hire meantime! My recording studio "RaketMusic" music is one of my things

My P1800s, pearlwhite 1964 & my art guitars is also one of my things......Tannemyr ART

My 3d web a passion for 3d artwork is also one of my timeeating but
maybe I will get enormous of money in the future and will be spending lot of my time with my dear wife Eva and my beautiful daughters Sara (34),my wonderful Joanna (31) and of course Hannah (25) , and Joanna´s son and my grandson Jonathan, 4 years old...who are my meaning of life!......