• Wash luminarie

  • The main purpose wich led to the creation of the CityColor, has been the idea of creating ligh shades on the extarnal walls of the buildings. What more,its indoor use for places like the theaters or stages is also highly appreciated.

    The CityColor is square projection flood light,using a powerful 1800w lamp and using dichroic filters instead of color gels.Spec.Info
  • Lamp type: HMD 1800W or 2000w halogen lamp.
  • Color: Full CMY color mixing,unlimited varitey of colors and shades.High resulotion stepper motors.
    Color crossfades can beprogrammed at four different speeds or in real time.<
  • Dimmer : Mechanical dimmer for the light beam intensity from 0-100% or electronic dimmer for halogen lamp.<
  • Control:: DMX 512 -7 channels.Local remote & reset. Auto mode functions :Master or slave settings.
  • Weight:53 Kg. or halogen type 30 Kg.
  • Dimensions:wdh-90x70x66.
  • Connections: 2 5pin (male&female) and 2 3pin (male&female) DMX Ground lift switch .
  • Power:Standard supply voltage .Rated 200/260V 50/60Hz.
    230V=10 Amp.

    Distributor Sweden:
  • Intersonic AB
    Rental in Sweden:
  • Starlight AB Avesta
  • SSR Stagelight Stockholm / Umeå

    For more info: