Light Deflector

  • Mirror adaptor

  • The Light Deflector has been created with the aim to improve and complete the performance of our LIVE series. Its high displacement speed make it possible to use the motorized spots even for scenaries where fast scanning is requested.

    The Light Deflector can be clamped directly onto the LIVE, in order to avoid any further alignment operation and however,because of its independent structure,it canalso be used to divert any other light beam.

    It is equipped with a selectable Pan/Tilt 8 or 16 bit operation,wich enables high resulotion displacement and accurate positioning that make it useful for deflection and pointing of other light sources as spot,followspots,etc.

  • Aviable versions: Light Deflector with fixing bracket for Live & LivePro 1200 (9803) -se picture
    Light Deflector with standard bracket (98031).
  • Pan: Angular coverage:154 degrees (art.9803) 360 degrees (art.98031)
  • Pan speed motion:150 degrees per sec. (max)-1 degree per sec.(min) realtime
  • Pan resolution: 0,04 degrees (16 bit)
  • Tilt:Angular coverage:77 degrees (art.9803) 360 degrees (art.98031) & continuous rotation on the tilt axis at different speeds
  • Tilt speed motion:180 degrees per sec. (max)-1 degree per sec.(min) realtime
  • Tilt resolution: 0,04 degrees (16 bit)
  • Control: DMX 512 -4 channels 8 bit & 7 channels 16 bit.Local reset (16 bit).

  • Weight:5 Kg.
  • Dimensions:wdh-320x130x470.
  • Connections: 1 5pin (male&female)
  • Power:Rated 230V 50/60Hz 0,3 Amp.
    Power:Rated 115V 50/60Hz 0,6 Amp.

    Distributor Sweden:
  • Intersonic AB
    Rental in Sweden:
  • Starlight AB Avesta
  • SSR Stagelight Stockholm / Umeå

    For more info: