The official Bronco Pinball Cup site

New stunning records made by:

204.200 - by Peppe"Bronco man" Tannemyr
176.610 - by Steve"Killer" Persson
154.510 - by Kåre"Droopy" Wigforss-SSR

The 1999 spring cup:

As the quality & the shape of the players will be at the top about the end of may,the cup will be hold about the 20-24/5 1999. Date can be changed during time,but all players will be informed. The Sponsor for this year is still open (we will look forward to hear from Carlsberg brewery). The tournament will be hold at SSR/Starlight warehouse at Vita Liljansväg 20. In late april the new "Nightrider"-77electromechanic pinball be on place. (a 8,5 on quality)

The member of Stockholm Pinball Bronco Team:

  • 101-Peppe"Bronco man" Tannemyr-SSR (204.200 )
  • 102-Steve"Killer" Persson (176.610)
  • 103-Kåre"Droopy" Wigforss-SSR (154.510)
  • 104-Danne"Svarten" Ossiansson-Starlight AB
  • 105-Martin"Pointless" Söderberg-VLPS AB
  • 106-Janne"power" Olsson-PSP
  • 107-Pontus"Bullen" Lagerbielke
  • 108-Sören"Squd" Durango
  • 109-Per"Roller" Eriksson-Starlight AB
  • 110-LG "Softy"Larsson-Lagom & Gött Ljud
  • 111-Ola "Midas"Fransson-Intersonic AB
  • 112-Peo "Cool King"Ljungmark-Intersonic AB
  • 113-Lasse "Party" Wallin-MissionPossible AB
  • 114-"Bäesen"-Starlight AB

    The official guest players:

    Michael Tannemyr-SSR
    Jerry Jansson-Double J Productions
    Roffe Johansson-Staar Productions
    Timo Kauristo-Mindexpand
    Bertil "BB" Grip-Andersson & Grip AB

    For questions about technical facilities and membership from Bronco Cup members