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  • The LIVE PRO 1200 its to be considered,with no doubt,the most complete andpowerful motorized spot on the market at the moment. It took two years of continuous tests and improvements to have the spot ready.The LIVE PRO1200 has got everything a professional user expects to find in a motorized spot. It uses a 1200w discharge lamp with short arc (Osram or Philips) wich can reach its maximum luminosity thanks to a double optic system
    The great quantity and variety of effects the LIVE PRO 1200 is equipped with is impossible to be found in any other motorized spot. All the functions are explained in the technical features. Among the various novelties we are glad to draw your attention on:

  • Automatic circuit for the regulation of the air flux in function of the temerature
  • New opto-isolated DMX with display and immediate finding of the selected channel.
  • DMX reset wich can operate manually by pressing the key located on the spot or from the controller
  • 35% electronic dimming of the lamp. It can be activated from the controller to reduce the heat produced by the spot when they are in stand by.(function aviable only with the electronic ballast).
    The LIVE PRO 1200 is produced in 3 different versions wich differ in the presence of the prism+frost,wash frost and CMY colour mixing. The peculiarities of the 3 versions are described together with the DMX channels.The electronic ballast ,produced by StudioDue and already used for Stratos, is aviable upon request. The input protocol is DMX512. We suggest to drive the LIVE PRO 1200 using the StudioDue`s Control Show 512 or any other 12-16 bit DMX controller like Case,Compulite,Scan Commander.

  • Pan / tilt movement: 12 bit res. Smooth and accurate angular motion and
    repeatable positioning achieved trough a highperformance digital control
    system.Closed loop position control system based on the 87C575 microprocessor.
  • Pan displacement: 370 degrees.
    Time for revolotion: min.3,5 sec.max:>400 sec.(12 bit)- real time.
  • Tilt displacement: 300 degrees.
    Time for revolotion: min.3 sec. max:>400 sec.(12 bit)- real time.
  • Lamp type: MSR 1200 SA Davlight (short arc) or HTI1200 SE5400K (short arc).
  • Optic: Two optical systems,remotely selectable and programmable 12 and 18 degrees.
  • Color: Full CMY color mixing,unlimited varitey of colors and shades.High resulotion stepper motors 0.9 degrees.
    Color crossfades can beprogrammed at four different speeds or in real time.
    2 color wheels of 5 dichroic colors+ white each one
    (dichroic gobos installable in one of them). Continuous rotation of the two color wheels ( rainbow effect,three different speeds).
    Filter conversion from 5400K to 3200K.
  • Dimmer : dimmer for the light beam intensity from 0-100%.
  • Strobe: Strobe and blackout effect with frequency regulation.
  • Gobos: one Gobowheel with 6 (5+1) interchageable rotating metal or fixed crystal gobos with fully variable speeds and memory position and
    one Rotating (3 speeds) gobowheel with 6 (5+1) interchageable metal gobos or fixed crystal gobos:Thre bidirectional variable speeds.
  • Frost: contiuous wash frost frost filter to dissolve gobo images or for diffused light and one frost filter (no continuous) for projection similar to a Par64.
  • Prism: 1 Prism with 5 flat projections.
    1 Prism with 4 circular projections.
    Both prism can rotate at differnts speeds.
  • Iris::Iris to change the beam opening angle.
  • Focus: focus to change the beam sharpness.
  • Control:: DMX 512 input 20 channel (channel 20 for reset and lamp on/off).Full version (LIVE PRO 1200 / 9701)
    DMX 512 input 16 channel (channel 16 for reset and lamp on/off).No CMY and frost version(LIVE 1200 / 97011)
    DMX 512 input 16 channel (channel 16 for reset and lamp on/off).Without prism and frost and onestatic gobo wheel instead of a rotating one (LIVE 1200 / 97012)

  • Weight:31,5 Kg.
  • Dimensions:wdh-430x450x765.
  • Connections: 2 5pin (male&female) and 2 3pin (male&female) DMX Ground lift switch .
  • Power:Standard supply voltage 95/125V or 200/260V 50/60Hz.
    230V=7 Amp / 100V= 16 Amp.

    Rental in Sweden:
  • Starlight AB Avesta
  • SSR Stagelight Stockholm / Umeå

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